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Welcome to VRI

The Vaccine Research Institute (VRI), Laboratory of excellence, was established by the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and viral hepatitis (ANRS - France REcherche Nord&sud Sida-HIV Hépatites) and the University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) to conduct research to accelerate the development of effective vaccines against HIV/AIDS, HCV and emerging infectious diseases. The VRI's structure strengthens the links between basic research and translational research, patients associations and the socio-economic world, contributing to vaccine development.

The VRI is now structured around research teams with multi-disciplinary expertise, a network of national and international thought leading scientists, a clinical network of physicians, core facilities and an innovative immunomonitoring platform. Through cutting-edge equipment and technologies, the platform, based in Henri Mondor Hospital, will be key for vaccine development thanks to a solid expertise in bio-markers of the vaccine response.


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  About us


The mission of the VRI is to conduct research to accelerate the development of effective vaccines against HIV/AIDS, HCV and emerging infectious diseases. The scientific goals of the VRI offer significant opportunities for innovation as they intend to:

  • develop and extend the portfolio of candidate vaccines for HIV, HCV and emerging infectious diseases to be tested in clinical trials
  • improve the technology of immunological testing for vaccine trials
  • strengthen the partnership between immunologists, virologists, cell biologists, molecular biologists, primate model specialists and clinicians
  • develop novel partnerships with industry
  • pursue a social science program to analyze the specific issues related to communication on HIV vaccinology
  • bring strong expertise on regulatory, legal and ethical aspects
  • provide the optimal environment for improved coordination of an integrated scientific program and of dedicated funding

The VRI stems from the existing ANRS vaccine research program and includes research teams, core facilities, a network of clinical centers, and industry and charitable partners.

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The VRI’s scientific strategic plan is organized in 6 integrated research programs and structured around common scientific, logistic and administrative cores to conduct researches aimed at developing an effective vaccine against HIV/AIDS, HCV and emerging infectious diseases.

The overarching goal is the generation of novel Dendritic Cell (DC) based vaccine candidates in the field of preventive and therapeutic vaccines inducing potent neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibody responses and T cell responses (for therapeutic vaccines).

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 Clinical Trial

The VRI is developing two types of clinical trials for vaccines against HIV: clinical trials aimed at developing a preventive vaccine, involving healthy volunteers, and trials of therapeutic vaccines, conducted on patients already carrying HIV.

For these clinical trials, the VRI is recruiting volunteers willing to advance research on HIV vaccines.

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