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Jean Daniel LELIEVREJean-Daniel Lelièvre received his MD in Internal Medicine in 2002 (University Paris VII) and his PhD in immunology in 2002 (University Paris VII). He is professor in clinical immunology since 2010 and head the department of clinical immunology and infectious diseases of Henri Mondor’s hospital and the team 16 of INSERM U955.

His basic research was focused on T cell apoptosis during HIV infectio n during his PhD (under the supervision of Pr JC Ameisen) and moved after on the biology of Treg during HIV infection and basic aspects of T-cell development (role of Notch and IL7) and their disturbance during HIV infection.

Pr JD Lelièvre is currently the PI (or co-PI) of several clinical trials in the field of immune-based therapies of HIV or vaccinology (ANRS OPTIMAL role of treatment optimization with anti CCR5 in late diagnosis HIV + patients; ANRS LIGHT Therapeutic anti HIV vaccine, ANRS TREVE Kidney transplantation and raltegravir in HIV+ patients; ANRS VRI01, anti HIV prophylactic trial, EBOVAC2, anti Ebola vaccination).

He is in the charge of the clinical core of the VRI and of the WP 8 (prophylactic vaccine) of EHVA (European HIV Vaccine Alliance) a European consortium which encompasses 39 partners, each with the expertise to promote a comprehensive approach to the development of an effective HIV vaccine. Pr Lelièvre JD is member of several committees of ANRS (CSS5, AC5, AC18) of the scientific and permanent committees of Sidaction, and of the program organizing committee of HIVR4P 2016.
Jean-Daniel Lelièvre is one of the leaders of the Clinical Development division of the VRI

Selected publications

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