Development of effective vaccines against HIV and (re)-emerging infectious diseases.

The Vaccine Research Institute (VRI), Laboratory of excellence, was established by the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and viral hepatitis (ANRS – France REcherche Nord&sud Sida-HIV Hépatites) and the University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) to conduct research to accelerate the development of effective vaccines against HIV/AIDS, and (re)-emerging infectious diseases. The VRI’s structure strengthens the links between basic research and translational research, patients associations and the socio-economic world, contributing to accelerating vaccine development.

Our missions


The VRI’s scientific strategy, since its creation, has been organized into fully integrated research programs and supported with shared scientific, technological and administrative platforms.

The overarching goal is the generation of novel DC-based vaccine candidates in the field of preventive and therapeutic vaccines inducing potent Ab and T cell responses and understands the immunological mechanisms involved in the innate and adaptive immune response to these vaccines by in vitro, preclinical studies in animal models and clinical trials of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccination.

Our program

Clinical Trial

The VRI is developing two types of clinical trials for vaccines : clinical trials aimed at developing a preventive vaccine, involving healthy volunteers, and trials of therapeutic vaccines, conducted for example in the case of HIV on people living with HIV.

For these clinical trials, the VRI is recruiting volunteers willing to advance research on vaccines against HIV and (re)-emerging infectious diseases.

Preventive clinical trial Therapeutic clinical trial

The Vaccine Research Institute :
150 researchers
40 research projects
20 academic and industrial partners