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April 29, 2020

Post-doctoral position on Antibody responses induced by DC-targeting vaccines

A post-doctoral position on Antibody responses induced by DC-targeting vaccines, a joined VRI immunology program between the Inserm VRI team of Dr Sylvain Cardinaud in Créteil and the Inserm CIML/CIPHE team of Dr Malissen in Marseille is opened. The postdoctoral candidate will take part of the research program that will be performed at CIML/CIPHE site.

We are looking for a qualified and motivated Ph.D. in immunology. The candidate should have a strong experience in flow cytometry and immune functional assays. Excellent technical skills, strong motivation, autonomy and ability to quickly and effectively develop the proposed project in relation with the group leaders and collaborators will be essential. Validated training for animal experimentation is mandatory.