The VRI includes 150 researchers working on more than 40 international projects.


Christine Lacabaratz Immunologist

Christine Lacabaratz is a PhD. Her research interests are cellular immunity in HIV infection. She has contributed to describe the evolution of CD8 responses in a large cohort of acutely HIV-infected patients and in HIV controllers. She heads the immuno-monitoring platform of the VRI (Mondor Immuno-monitoring Center, MIC) which has developed SOP for the different assays according to international standards (T cell phenotype, Flow cytometry and Intracellular Staining assays, multiplex cytokine production, in vitro functional assays), within its participation to different European consortium.
The MIC is currently involved in evaluation of HIV-specific immune responses of HIV-infected or healthy subjects (Light and VRI01 trials) and Ebola-specific immune responses of vaccinated individuals (Co-leader of EBOVAC2 European trial WP3 on immuno-monitoring and PREVAC African trial) and individuals surviving the 2014 Ebola outbreak (INSERM PostEbogui Cohort).