The VRI includes 150 researchers working on more than 40 international projects.

Executive direction

Mireille Centlivre Chief Operating Officer

Mireille Centlivre is a PhD. Her research interests are on pathophysiology of HIV infection, vaccination against HIV and preclinical HIS mice model. She conducted her PhD thesis from 2001-2005 in the laboratory of Prof. Simon Wain-Hobson at the Pasteur Institute (Paris, France). From 2005-2015, she performed her post-doctoral training in the laboratory of Ben Berkhout at the Amsterdam Medical Center (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) establishing a mouse model of human immunity for the in vivo evaluation of anti-HIV vaccines and therapeutics and in the laboratory of Béhazine Combadière at the CIMI-Paris (Paris, France) working on skin vaccination and immunity.She is the Chief Operating Officer of the VRI. She is in charge of the scientific coordination and (national and international) projects’ follow up between the director of the VRI and the 17 teams of the VRI.