The VRI includes 150 researchers working on more than 40 international projects.

Preclinical models

Sophie Hue Immunologist

MD, PhD, she is PU-PH (Professeur Universitaire-Praticien hospitalier) at the East Paris University (UPEC), France. She obtained her PhD from Paris V University (France) following her work on the role of NKG2D/MICA interaction in villous atrophy during coeliac disease.

She then moved to Oxford University to perform her postdoctoral trainee in the lab headed by Fiona Powrie, where she studied the role of IL23 in inflammatory bowel disease.

Since 2007, she works in the team 16, INSERM U955, part of the Labex Vaccine Research Institute (VRI). Her research is focus on the interaction between the commensal flora and the immune system in the gut and in the skin. Today, her work is focused on B cell responses in the gut of HIV infected patients. These studies are performed with the ultimate aim to provide novel insights for research on therapeutic and preventive vaccines.