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DC Based Vaccines

Sylvain Cardinaud Immunologist

He obtained his PhD at the Pasteur Institute where he characterized antigens eliciting antiviral and anti-tumoral T-cell responses in humans. He demonstrated that mistranslation of the HIV genome naturally generates an abundant and cryptic source of antigens recognized by CD8 T-cells.
As post-doctoral follow at the University of Berkeley (USA) and at the CIMI-Paris immunology center, he investigated immunological factors impacting on antigen processing and presentation of viral antigens.
His findings underlined the major role of cryptic antigens in driving immune selection pressure on the virus in patients. His work also provided new insights into dendritic cells (DC) / HIV interactions and had implications in optimization of DC-based immunotherapy. In 2014, he worked at the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research (BIIR, USA), a key participant of the VRI, where he acquired a strong scientific expertise on DC-targeting vaccines.
He brought this technology to the VRI. His group investigates the potency of DC-targeting vaccine for eliciting T- or B-cell responses in HIV therapeutic approach. He also PI an ANR program geared to the development of novel DC-based Ebola vaccines.