The VRI includes 150 researchers working on more than 40 international projects.

Yves Lévy Directeur Général

Yves Lévy is a MD, PhD and Professor of clinical immunology. Yves Lévy is a specialist in immunology, a physician who is also a researcher and academic.

His research activity is directed at understanding the development of the immune system and its pathology. He has also coordinated and developed some twenty national and international clinical trials of immunotherapies and vaccines for HIV infection, certain immunodeficiencies and infectious diseases. His scientific career has always combined basic and clinical research.

Since 1985 he has worked successively in several Inserm research units. Since 1999, he has been Director of the team “Lymphoid Development under Normal Conditions and Under HIV Infection” in Inserm Unit 955. From 1996 to the present day Yves Lévy has directed the Department of Clinical Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Henri Mondor de Créteil Hospital.

In 2006, Yves Lévy became Scientific Director of the vaccine programme of the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS). In 2011, he created the “Vaccine Research Institute” labex (laboratory of excellence) under the Investissement d’Avenir (Investment for the Future) programme. His science programme is based on recent advances in basic immunology, genomics and the knowledge of systems biology, and the development of innovative tools for evaluating the immune response.

From 2010 to 2012, Yves Lévy was Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Paris-Est Créteil University (UPEC). He subsequently became a special advisor to the Minister for Higher Education and Research. Yves Lévy is executive director of the VRI, chairman and CEO of the Inserm.