The VRI includes 150 researchers working on more than 40 international projects.

Basic Research

Nicolas Manel

Nicolas Manel is senior group leader at Institut Curie, Paris, France and holds a position of Director of Research at INSERM. Since 2010, his lab at Institut Curie is interested in the basic principles that operate at the intersection between innate immunity and viral replication, and their impact on adaptive immunity. Some of the main achievements of his lab include the identification of cGAS as an essential sensor of HIV in dendritic cells (Lahaye et al.,Immunity 2013), the discovery of a Trojan horse mechanism of immune signal transmission by viral particles (Gentili et al., Science 2015), the demonstration of anti-proliferative function of STING in T cells (Cerboni et al., JEM 2017) the demonstration that dendritic cell subset cooperate to maximize T cell activation in response to viral infections (Silvin et al.,Science Immunology 2017), and the identification of NONO as an essential innate sensor of the HIV capsid in the nucleus (Lahaye et al., Cell 2018). Currently, the lab is exploring the principles that allow immune cells to recognize and manage viral infections. He is also co-founder and scientific consultant of the start-up company Stimunity that develops virus-like particles to activate the STING pathway.